As of yesterday, a few cinemas opened around the country. But if you're more content staying in, a bunch of movies have just arrived on Netflix.

As is typical of the service, the movies span various decades and genres.

They include the quintessential gangster film; an Adam Sandler favourite; a Robin Williams classic; a highly quoted gem; and, as aforementioned (because it's very important), 'Poldark' season 4.

Almost all the episodes of the Aidan Turner-led series (bar season 5) are now available to stream.

Here's the full list of movies added to Netflix today:


Scarface (1983)

Picture the scene. It's 1983. Small-time crook Tony Montana emigrates from Cuba to the US, determined to become rich and powerful. Admitted into the inner circle of a Miami drug lord, he ultimately takes over his boss's empire and even his wife. However, his paranoia and cocaine addiction begin to spiral out of control, while his enemies circle, waiting for the chance to bring him down.


The Big Lebowski (1998)

"The Dude" Lebowski, mistaken for a millionaire Lebowski, seeks restitution for his ruined rug and enlists his bowling buddies to help get it.


Billy Madison (1995)

A lazy twentysomething lives off his wealthy hotel magnate father. When the old man decides to retire, he begins to question whether his layabout son is suitable to take over the family empire and issues a challenge - he must retake 12 years of school in 24 weeks, or lose everything.


The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

A middle-aged shop worker reveals he has never been intimate with a woman, which prompts his shocked colleagues to set him up with a series of potentially passionate dates. When he falls for a single mother, his friends think he is right on course for a lusty liaison, but his new partner is not ready for a physical relationship.


The Holiday (2006)

Two single women living on opposite sides of the Atlantic agree to exchange houses over the Christmas holidays. In their new surroundings, both women unexpectedly encounter prospective partners, but as the house swap draws to a close, difficult decisions have to be made about their blossoming relationships.


Ride Along (2014)

A wannabe police officer persuades his girlfriend's tough detective brother to take him along on duty. The cop hopes to scare his unwanted partner away from his sister by exposing him to danger - but needs some help when the patrol leads to a run-in with the city's most wanted criminal.


The Change-Up (2011)

Ryan Reynolds fans should get a kick out of this film, though it's far from his best. He and Jason Bateman play two men - a married man and a bachelor - who magically switch bodies. Guess there are lessons to be had from both perspectives, huh?


Robin Hood (2010)

We all might remember Kevin Costner's take on Robin Hood, complete with Alan Rickman promising to cut people's hearts out with spoons and THAT Bryan Adams song, but Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott's take was far more serious. Crowe, who seriously bulked up for the role, is the common archer who wins the heart of Nottingham and battles a dodgy-looking knight (Mark Strong) who plans on assisting France taking over England.


Scent of a Woman (1992)

A blind, hard-drinking war veteran pays a timid college student to accompany him on a weekend break in the big city, where he plans to make the most of life. However, the lad is shocked to learn that at the culmination of their trip, his new friend plans to kill himself.


Patch Adams (1998)

A talented student doctor turns the medical community upside down with his offbeat views about the healing power of laughter. His methods provoke outrage and intense debate among his professors - but his extrovert nature brightens the lives of all kinds of patients.


Snow White & the Huntsman (2012)

An evil queen learns that her reign will last for ever if she kills a princess. So she sends a renowned warrior to find and murder her. However, he comes to realise his mistress's evil ways, and instead trains his intended victim to fight so they can bring the tyrant's rule to an end.


Poldark S4

Aidan Turner plays, as we all know by now, the eponymous Captain Ross Vennor Poldark. By the time season 4 came around, its steamy scenes had become renowned while the series effectively turned Turner into something of a sex symbol. These new episodes continue to follow the loves and lives of Poldark and those around him.


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