2020 continues to suck with cancellation after cancellation of Netflix series.

It looks to be the case that 'Mindhunter' is the latest to be finished at Netflix.

The series examines the development of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit. Jonathon Groff, Holt McCallany and Anna Torv lead the cast.

The show has two seasons, which hit Netflix in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

Earlier this year, the streaming service announced that season three was on hold indefinitely.

At the time, it was said that this was because of director David Fincher's busy work schedule, between working on 'Mank' (a biopic based on the 'Citizen Kane' screenwriter r Herman J. Mankiewicz, headlined by Gary Oldman) and producing season two of 'Love, Death and Robots'.

In an interview with Vulture promoting 'Mank', which hits Netflix in December, Fincher was asked if 'Mindhunter' is done.

He said: "I think probably. Listen, for the viewership that it had, it was an expensive show.

"We talked about 'Finish Mank and then see how you feel.' But I honestly don’t think we’re going to be able to do it for less than I did season two. And on some level, you have to be realistic about dollars have to equal eyeballs."

Fincher also spoke about how exhausting he found shooting the first two seasons. He described it as "a 90-hour workweek" and "a lot for me."

He said that if 'Mindhunter' gets a season three, it would be in "Maybe five years."

So yeah, it's pretty much cancelled.

It joins the likes of 'GLOW' and 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina', which also had the plugs pulled on them in spite of having big fandoms.

Several shows haven't lasted more than one season on Netflix. These include 'Away', 'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance', 'Next in Fashion', 'I Am Not Okay With This', 'White Lines' and 'The Society'.