Halloween is coming early this year, with the release of a new thriller/mystery series from the creators of 'The Haunting of Hill House' and 'The Haunting of Bly Manor'.

'Midnight Mass' is a new supernatural horror from creator Mike Flanagan, the man behind 'The Haunting of' series at Netflix.

This time around, we won't be getting a period horror but instead, we'll be whisked away to the mysterious happenings at Crockett Island. Flanagan's original idea revolves around an isolated island community where strange and phenomenal occurrences begin to happen following the arrival of a young priest.

'Midnight Mass' stars Hamish Linklater ('The Big Short') as the newcomer to the island, with Zach Gilford ('Good Girls'), Kate Siegel (from 'The Haunting of...' series), Annabeth Gish ('Mystic Pizza'), and Rahul Kohli ('iZombie').

A number of images have also been released, teasing the characters of the supernatural drama series.

Flanagan also tweeted that the series is going to be "special", admitting that it's been his "favourite project" so far. He writes: "There is darkness at work on Crockett Island. Some of it is supernatural, but the scariest is born of human nature. The darkness that animates this story isn’t hard to see in our own world, unfortunately."

Filming on 'Midnight Mass' wrapped filming last December after 83 consecutive days on location in Vancouver, all without any COVID-related interruptions.

Last week, 'The Haunting' Instagram page began to share brief teaser videos ahead of this trailer's release today. However, with no more 'Haunting' series in the pipeline, Netflix will be hoping that 'Midnight Mass' strikes a chord with fans of the previous Flanagan productions - and ensuring the series returns for multiple seasons.

Check out the trailer below.

'Midnight Mass' will begin streaming on Netflix on September 24.