Even though we're not even a year into it, a number of movies made during the pandemic are beginning to make their way to screens.

Two movies so far - 'Locked Down' and 'Songbird' - have used the pandemic as a focal point in their story, but Netflix's new steamy drama, 'Malcolm & Marie', does things a little differently.

Starring Zendaya and John David Washington, it follows a young couple in one stormy night after a glitzy premiere returning to their home. Written and directed by Sam Levinson, who created the buzzy HBO show 'Euphoria', the movie made headlines when it was the first major production announced during lockdown.

Netflix are clearly aiming 'Malcolm & Marie' for Oscars, with a release date set for February 5th. Given how this year's awards season is completely different from previous years, you might just see more experimental movies like this move into the mainstream.

Here's the trailer.