While it began life as a recurring 'SNL' character by Will Forte, 'MacGruber' transitioned successfully into a movie with Will Forte which cultivated enough of a following to where we are today.

Peacock, NBC's upcoming service, announced that it's to commission a TV series based on the character. Previously, the director of the movie and 1/3 of The Lonely Island, Jorma Taccone, had teased that a series was likely, and now it's become a reality. The logline describes how the character - "America’s ultimate hero and uber patriot" - is on a mission to take down someone from his past.

It's not yet known if Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe are reprising their roles, however the logline does mention both of their characters. Likewise, it's also not known if Peacock will be available outside of the US, but given how previous NBC shows and wound up on Netflix here in Ireland, it could well be that we'll see it that way.

For now, let's remind ourselves of just how good 'MacGruber' was with this 'SNL' sketch.