The 'Love Is Blind' reunion has yet to get an air date. However a preview for it is now online.

The reunion will see the stars of the reality dating series come together again having shot the show a year and a half ago. Nick and Vanessa Lachey return to host.

We'll see the couples reflect on the phenomenon and give us an update on what they're at now.

As people who have seen the show will know, only two couple successfully got married in the series finale.

In fact Carlton and Diamond, who feature on the reunion, didn't even make it past the honeymoon phase.

Rumour has it that Giannina and Damian did get back together, in spite of not going through with the wedding.

All the other couples from the finale - Cameron and Lauren; Kenny and Kelly; Amber and Barnett; and Jessica and Mark - will be there too.

In the preview for the Netflix special, Amber confronts Jessica over hitting on Barnett consistently through their engagement.

Looks like this is set to be as drama-filled as the dating series itself.