While everyone stays at home binging on boxsets and movies these days, unfortunately, a couple of new Netflix releases failed to make a lasting enough impression with viewers to make it past their first season on the service.

Over at Netflix, it appears that the streaming service has decided to continue with a 'Locke and Key' season two, while also pulling the plug on two of their new TV shows. Both of the cancelled shows only remained on the service for one season apiece.

'V-Wars' revolved around vampires and starred Ian Somerhalder (Boone from 'Lost') as Dr. Luther Swann who attempts to stop his friend from feeding on humans. Maybe the time of the vampire is well and truly over with viewers, for the time being. The series arrived on Netflix last December.

The other series to get the chop from Netflix is 'October Faction', which arrived this January. It was a comic adaptation starring J.C. MacKenzie and Tamara Taylor as a pair of monster hunters who live away from their children. Although both series have been cancelled, they'll still remain on Netflix should you choose to tune in.

However, it's not all bad news, as 'Locke and Key' season two is on the cards. The family adventure series has been picked up for another season, which sees three siblings discover magical keys in their new home. We described the first series as a "fantastical, binge-worthy" watch - so if you haven't already, it's worth your precious Netflix time.

Netflix normally remains stum when it comes to their viewing figures of their original TV series and movies, but it's common knowledge that the first month of a new title arriving onto the service is paramount to its success. If it's not popular with viewers in those first few weeks - chances are that it might not be returning.