Yesterday, the 2020 Oscar nominations were announced and among those celebrating were the cast and crew of 'Klaus.'

In case you're unfamiliar with it, 'Klaus' is an animated family Christmas movie that hit Netflix last November. As you'll see from our review, we found it to be an absolute delight.

But the feature faced stiff competition.

Disney, as we all know, typically dominates the category. 'Frozen 2', 'Toy Story 4' and 'The Lion King' were all expected to be nominated.

Instead 'Toy Story 4' was the only of the three that got the nod.

'Missing Link', 'I Lost My Body' (another Netflix animation), and 'How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World' were the remaining nominations.

In fact, according to, the odds of 'Klaus' getting a nomination in the best animated feature category were 54/1.

So you can imagine the shock and delight of SPA studios, who produced it, when they heard the news.

Here's their heartwarming reaction to the announcement.

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