Josh Gad is dropping hints for what we can expect from the 'Beauty and the Beast' prequel series which is in the works at Disney.

The show will see the actor return to the role of LeFou. Luke Evans returns alongside Josh Gad, in the role of Gaston.

It doesn't have a title yet, but we do know that rounding out the cast is Briana Middleton as LeFou's stepsister, Tilly.

Josh Gad talked about the series on the 'Just for Variety' podcast of late and was asked whether the show will integrate a storyline based on LeFou coming out.

"You’re going to have to tune in when this show airs to see what we’re working up, but in the process of working on it, we’re asking ourselves every relevant question about these characters and endeavoring to do right by them and by this world," the actor answered.

"I think that we have origin stories here that are unbelievably exciting because they’re unexpected. And I think ‘expect the unexpected’ is all I can really say. And not just with regard to LeFou and Gaston but to a lot of the new characters that we’re introducing."

Josh Gad was also asked about his co-star Luke Evans' thirst-trap photos on Instagram.

"It requires me to get in the gym fairly soon because I’ve seen pictures of my co-star online, " he said. "And let’s just say it ain’t great what I’m working with in terms of the most shredded man in show business."

Production on the 'Beauty and the Beast' prequel series will begin in spring 2022. The show will debut on Disney+.