In the ongoing saga that spun out of Netflix's 'Tiger King', one party to it all has remained silent - until now.

Joe Exotic's old band, now releasing music as the Vince Johnson Band, have released a song about none other than Carole Baskin. 'Killer Carole' probably won't chart too highly with cool cats and kittens, but who cares when it's got a hook of a song title like this?

As well as this, the one-man band sans Joe Exotic also announced that he's signed a record deal with BMG Rights Management and Create Music Group, which will mean that tunes like 'I Saw A Tiger' and 'Here Kitty Kitty' will soon be available as part of an album available on streaming platforms pretty soon.

The songs featured throughout the documentary series were performed by the Clinton Johnson Band, who recently told TMZ that they simply got hooked up with Joe Exotic by answering an ad for musicians to write a theme song for his YouTube show.

All told, in fact, the band did about 20 songs for Joe Exotic, however as far as Vince Johnson knows, the man's never picked up a guitar or sung professionally in his life. Shocking, we know.

Anyway, here's the new song. It's... well, Carole Baskin probably disliked it on YouTube already.