'Love Is Blind' seems to be the hottest thing on Netflix right now, not only stateside but in Ireland and the UK too.

We don't get whether 'Love Is Blind' is meant to be the new 'Love Island', given both are reality dating series. Premise wise though, it's more like 'Married at First Sight'.

For those unfamiliar with it, 30 men and women date each other via "pods" over the course of 10 days. They can speak to each other but not see one another. Then, if they like each other enough, they get engaged and reveal themselves. Then all the engaged couples go to a retreat in Mexico and hang. After that, the couples move in together and meet one another's families. Then they go to the altar and decide there and then if they're going to go ahead with the wedding.

It's nuts.

Contestant Jessica Batten got a lot of attention for her storyline.

She got engaged to a guy ten years younger than her called Mark Cuevas and wasn't happy about the age difference (she's 34, he's 24). Things got super awkward in spite of Mark's efforts.

One move Jessica made that went viral wasn't even to Mark. It was to her dog, as she leaned her glass down to feed wine to while from telling her fiance “She loves wine.”

The reality contestant told EW that she hadn't ever given her dog wine before. She admits, it was a bad idea: “I definitely have never done that before, I won’t do that again.”

She continued: “I love my dog more than anything and that was not something I would ever recommend anyone to do. I think I was just really uncomfortable, I don’t even remember doing it. I don’t know why I did that but it was definitely unnecessary for sure.”

It wasn't lost on viewers that Jessica frequently had a wine glass in hand in the series.

“I think there’s a reason that there’s sometimes alcohol around during these reality shows,” she told EW. “Sometimes you loosen up and these moments can kind of come out. I really wish that I would have been better about the drinking for me, I was really uncomfortable and so I had a few moments where I overdrank. I know the first one I took accountability for on camera and then the bachelorette party as well. If I could do anything differently it would be that I didn’t have so much to drink.”

She added: “That is something that I tend to do if I’m nervous, I drink a little bit more. But actually I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me like, ‘Are you an alcoholic,’ or something like that, and I actually don’t drink very often. I take several months off a year. I think it was just in that moment I was so uncomfortable and unfortunately I was using alcohol a little bit to defer that. And hindsight is 20/20. If I could have done anything differently for sure that would be one of the things.”

All 10 episodes of 'Love Is Blind' are on Netflix now. The series finale launched today.