Fans are still eagerly awaiting the 25th James Bond movie 'No Time to Die'. As the movie will see Daniel Craig play the spy a final time, fans are also wondering what's next for the character.

Not only is it uncertain who will play James Bond next.

There was also a rumour going around for a time that the spy will be heading to TV screens next.

In May, it emerged that Amazon and MGM had entered a merger agreement whereby Amazon acquired the movie studio for $8.45 billion.

That means that Amazon now holds the rights to the 007 franchise.

However, it shares those rights with Eon Productions, which will continue to have a large amount of control over its marketing, casting and distribution.

It seemed likely that Amazon would spin the Bond IP into a TV series for its Prime Video streaming platform.

But Total Film (via Gameradar) found out from producer Barbara Broccoli that a TV outing for 007 is not on the cards.

Broccoli told the publication: "We make films. We make films for the cinema. That’s what we do."

Producer Michael G. Wilson added: "We’ve resisted that call for 60 years."

As for what is next for James Bond, Broccoli said: "It’s tough to think about the future until this film has its moment.

"I think we just really want to celebrate this and celebrate Daniel, and then when the dust settles, then look at the landscape and figure out what the future is.

"Although I think one thing we’ve certainly learned in the last 18 months is you never know what the future is. So we have to sit down and think about it."

'No Time to Die' hits cinemas on September 30th.