If anyone was going to do a documentary series on swear words and the very concept of cursing, it was going to be someone like Nicolas Cage.

Why? For one, the man is perhaps one of the most prolific and convincing cursers on the silver screen. Just take a look at random movies like 'Deadfall', 'Vampire's Kiss', 'Face / Off', or even something like 'Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call, New Orleans' and you'll get some idea of how good he is at it.

On top of that, Cage is known for taking an interest in the most random of things, so why not cursing and its etymology? Admit it, you've always been curious about how some words came into being, and more specifically, why we even consider them curse words.

The new documentary series takes in six curses across six episodes, with each of them delving deep into the word and discovering their origins, their cultural impact, and their legacy up to today's world.

Guests include Sarah Silverman, Nick Offerman, Isiah Whitlock Jr. (shiiiiiiitttt), Jim Jeffries, as well as experts in linguistics, etymology, semiotics, and much more.

The series lands on Netflix on January 5th.