Episodes one and two of 'Hawkeye' are now streaming on Disney+. The first reviews for the Marvel series are also now in.

The series follows the eponymous hero, aka Clint Barton (played by Jeremy Renner) as he celebrates Christmas with his family. When a new threat arrives, Hawkeye agrees to take Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), a young archer, under his wing (see what we did there?).

Variety offered a rather scathing review of the series with the title: "'Hawkeye' Is Too Wrapped Up in the MCU to Find Its Own Voice."

Reviewer Caroline Framke said the show struggled to weave in the events of 'Avengers: Endgame' and criticised the action for not utilising the archery skills of Barton and Bishop.

Elsewhere, Collider reviewer Ross Bonaime writes: "'Hawkeye' does more for the character than 10 years in the MCU has."

He also says the series effectively "shows just how much the weight of the past decade of fighting has affected Barton."

Steinfeld also earned praise as a "delightful character" - "In her opening scene, we not only see just how brilliant her archery skills are, but we get a sense of humor and fun to the character that wasn’t always there with Barton's Hawkeye."

Ronaime praised the chemistry between the two leads as well, awarding the episodes a B+ rating.

'The Guardian's Lucy Mangan, who awarded the show 3 stars in her review, similarly said their chemistry is "tremendous."

She considered Steinfeld the star of the show, and writes that the actress "sells the frustrated teen aspects of Kate – always pushing at her would-be mentor’s boundaries – and scenes as a horrified and powerless bystander to her mother’s (an as-ever underused Vera Farmiga) relationship with Jack as well as she does the blockbuster action sequences."

Polygon also had high praise for Steinfeld.

Rosie Knight's review deems the actress "charming and rude, funny and heartbreaking."

She writes: "Kate breaks into the MCU in a way that feels organic and rather groundbreaking."

Andrew Webster from The Verge called the series "unexpectedly fun" as it "doesn't take itself too seriously."

Brian Lowry for CNN thought 'Hawkeye' "missed the mark".

He writes: "While not employed thus far, the 'Hawkeye' trailer does reveal that there will be trick arrows before it's over. Yet unless that arsenal significantly improves the show's payload, the guy who once said he couldn't miss might rather ironically be associated with a Marvel series that conspicuously does."

Indiewire's Ben Travers was also left underwhelmed.

He made use of Christmas metaphors likening the show to "the dinkiest of gifts" and "a Disney-branded lump of coal", opening his review writing "All I want for Christmas is for Marvel to stop treating its TV shows like filler."

The first two episodes of 'Hawkeye' are streaming on Disney+ now.