As reported yesterday, Netflix has pulled the plug on 'GLOW', in spite of previously renewing the show for a fourth and final season.

As the show follows a group of female professional wrestlers, it requires a lot of physical intimacy. Thus Netflix cited hat it would be impossible to ensure the shoot of 'GLOW' would be safe in the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the show's stars, Marc Maron, was among the first to take to Twitter in response to the news.

His tweet - "No more GLOW. Sorry. Stinks." - really says it all.


Maron, who is also a stand-up comedian and podcaster, since unveiled more of his thoughts on Instagram.

He suggests that Netflix make a 'GLOW' movie to wrap up the storyline, especially considering the showrunners already had the story for season 4 complete.

He says: "I think what they should do is just, okay so you don’t wanna do the show anymore, but let us make a movie, right? Let us wrap it up in a two-hour Netflix movie.

"They had the whole season laid out. We know where it’s gonna go.

"Why don’t you give the showrunners and the writers and the cast an opportunity to finish the story in a movie, right? I mean I think that would be the best thing."

Watch the clip in which he talks about his idea, or full 30 minute monologue, below.


It would also be satisfying for fans as 'GLOW' season 3 ended with a major cliffhanger.