After earning great viewership figures, a Netflix series from earlier this year is getting a second season.

We refer here to the show 'Firely Lane', starring Katherine Heigl ('Grey's Anatomy') and Sarah Chalke ('Scruubs', 'Rick and Morty') as BFFs Tully and Kate.

The series jumps all across time, tracking the friendship from its beginnings in the 1970s when the two are teens, to them working together at a TV station, right up to the 2000s.

The last time we see the friends, we know that Tully has done something bad as Kate is no longer speaking to her. There is also some mystery around what happened to Johnny (Ben Lawson), Kate's ex-husband.

In the announcement video for season 2 of 'Firefly Lane', Chalke teased, regarding the cliffhanger ending: "This issue between Tully and Kate, we can't say much.

"But we can say that it's family-related, and that it has nothing to do with Johnny."

As for when we can expect the new season, Chalke said: "We don't have all the answers yet. But trust us, it is going to be worth the wait. And all of your questions will be answered."

Heigl continued: "We are so grateful to all of you for your support and making 'Firely Lane' trend number one on Netflix."

Chalke added: "Yes, you guys are awesome, we love and we can't wait to continue on this journey of Tully and Kate with all of you in 'Firefly Lane' season 2."

Watch the announcement from Youtube here: