Netflix has announced that it's cancelling 'Santa Clarita Diet' after three series.

The horror-comedy first aired in February 2017 to, shall we say, slightly mixed reviews so the news may not come as a shock to everyone. It starred Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as a seemingly normal couple of property developers whose lives were upended when Barrymore's character turned into a human flesh eating zombie.

Santa Clarita Diet

The creators of the show had this to say:

"Like our audience, we were all-in on Sheila and Joel. Their relationship, in the face of incredible adversity, was inspiring to write and to watch. Mostly, they were funny, which in a comedy is important. Working with Drew and Tim, along with the immensely talented Liv and Skyler, was a joy and a once in a lifetime experience.

"Netflix took at chance on this odd show and for that we will always be grateful. They were supportive, ever positive, and appreciative of our work. Until about noon today. Still, they were just one phone call away from being a perfect studio. Not bad.

"Everything ends. This was a thing. And so it ended. We’ll miss it but are proud of the work we did and will always appreciate the love and enthusiasm we felt from our audience. It if was up to them, Sheila and Joel would continue for another 10,000 years."

Some fans of the show were not happy with the news:

'Santa Clarita Diet' joins a long list of shows that Netflix have cancelled as they become more and more ruthless in their pursuit of the next big hit.


Via: THR