Seeing as how cinemas are closed during the current situation, online movie premieres are all that's left for those looking for something new.

'Extraction' landed on Netflix on April 24th and while it received middling reviews on Rotten Tomatoes - 67% at last check - it's become hugely successful for the streaming giant. In fact, they're reporting that the movie is projected to reach an estimated 90 million households within its first four weeks.

Netflix, of course, doesn't release viewing and download figures publicly, so it's hard to confirm or deny whether or not any of this is accurate. Not only that, there's no publicly available data that can check those projections either so we'll just have to take them at their word.

Still, Chris Hemsworth was in a celebratory mood about it all and posted a message of thanks to his fans on Instagram yesterday about the news.

The movie sees Hemsworth play a black-market mercenary who's set into the city of Dhaka to rescue the son of an imprisoned drug lord from a rival gang. After rescuing the boy, the entire city locks down and he soon finds himself on the run - with the very people who hired him now turned against him in a double-cross.

'Extraction' is available on Netflix right now.