Liam Neeson and Brendan Gleeson will star in the Coen Brothers' six-part Netflix miniseries, The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs.

The series, which is currently filming in New Mexico, is the Coens' first foray into streaming and was announced in August of last year with Tim Blake Nelson as the titular character. Liam Neeson told exclusively that he's currently filming his role with fellow Irish actor Brendan Gleeson, and revealed that he's growing out his facial hair for the role.

"We're not in the same story. There's six little stories, hence my beard, so I've to finish that and that's another two-three week job. I love it," said Neeson.

Neeson also talked about the sense of community he shares with other Irish actors, and pointed out that he worked with Colin Farrell recently on Widows in Chicago. You can watch the full interview with Liam Neeson below, with the talk on Buster Scruggs starting around the 1.40 mark.