Appearing on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon', Eve Hewson showed her process for getting into character for 'Behind Her Eyes'.

'Behind Her Eyes' is the Netflix series that just about everyone is watching right now. It's charting at number one on the streamer in Ireland, actually. Eve Hewson as one of the leads offers a compelling, enigmatic, surreal performance.

It contributes greatly to the mystery behind the show.

The series has twists and turns that have shocked (and at times, slightly infuriated) its audience.

Hewson needed to get into a very angry, heightened state for her character and so would prep by whacking around a baseball bat.

Apparently other crew members would use it too.

Eve Hewson is currently residing in London. She talked about spending lockdown in Dublin last year with her family, including her dad Bono, during the interview.

She described the experience as the Osbournes and the Kardashians combined.

The actress also spoke about the family members going on "solo walks". They'd spend Friday nights together organising themes and cocktails.

She talked to Fallon about a band she started with a friend, who has since gone professional, too.

Watch the full interview with Eve Hewson here.