The long-awaited return of Stranger Things happens this weekend, and US outlets have managed to secure early screenings of the series for review.

For the most part, the reviews are positive and Metacritic has awarded the '80s-set horror series a 77% rating based on reviews. Rotten Tomatoes, meanwhile, has given the series 91%. Collider said that, like the first season, "not everything works perfectly, but its cumulative effect is one that is again joyous, emotional, satisfyingly spooky, and most of all, makes us care deeply about the fates of these outsiders who band together as heroes."

The AV Club said it was "uneven, but still has plenty of power up its sleeve", whilst the Washington Post called it "marginally better and more satisfying than the original." Entertainment Weekly, however, weren't so kind and called it "a bloated sci-fi sequel" that "spins its wheels exploring familiar terrain."

Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair said the season "plays like a lukewarm rehash, with a bit more red meat thrown in to cover up the mustiness." Ooft.

Meanwhile, our own review will go live this Friday and you can decide for yourself when Stranger Things goes live on Netflix from this Friday.