Comedian and filmmaker Kevin Smith recently took to Twitter to bemoan the fact that he lost out on the chance to make a Disney+ series. And from the sounds of it, it would have been a good one.

Smith first teased that he was working on a show with what came to be known as Disney+ two years ago.

He said he had completed what he described as a "huge writing gig". He also revealed that it involved "the most massive IP I've ever been allowed to play with."

Now fans know what the series is - as well as why it didn't come to be.

Smith revealed this weekend that he'd been working on a 'Kingdom Keepers' series for Disney's streaming service.

'The Kingdom Keepers' is a series of novels by Ridley Pearson that follows five teens who work as holographic hosts of the Disney Theme Parks. But by night, they do battle with Disney villains. They have to stop them from not only taking over the Disney parks, but the whole Disney corporation, and the world.

It would have involved a huge array of characters and Disney properties. In other words, therein lay the problem.

Smith tweeted: "That was a blast to write 2 years ago. It was planned as one of the first shows to launch on what would become @disneyplus. Then a new exec was put in charge of the app and he killed [Kingdom Keepers]. Said we used too much @Disney IP in one project (every character in the park comes to life)."

You can read about the original series and movies Disney+ does have on offer here.