There's an exciting new behind-the-scenes TV series on the way for Marvel fans.

Disney+ 'Assembled' will be a new series that'll offer up a "making of" look at the streaming services' MCU franchise from this year and beyond. The Marvel Studios titles that will be getting the small screen treatment will be the series' first port of call.

First up, it'll be 'Assembled: The Making of WandaVision', which is expected to arrive one week after the series' final episode, on March 12. We'll hear from filmmakers, cast and crew, and Marvel heroes on how the trippy augmented reality series came to fruition.

The ninth and final 'WandaVision' will launch on March 5, on a series which has kept us guessing every single week. Expect in-depth behind-the-scene interviews with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as well as rest of the cast (potentially including the actors who made surprise appearances). Given how much fan service we've been getting throughout the series, it's a nice choice for the 'Assembled' series to begin.

All of the upcoming MCU series will likely follow suit, so expect 'Assembled' versions of 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier', 'Loki', 'Hawkeye', and 'Ms. Marvel'.

Scarlett Johansson's 'Black Widow', which is scheduled for cinematic release this May, will likely also get the 'Assembled' treatment as well. However, whether the movie does actually stick to its May 7 release date, or whether it will end up eventually heading to Disney+ also remains to be seen.

There are only three more episodes of 'WandaVision' to go before that big finale next month, and we've still got lots of learnings (and questions) that need addressing.

'Assembled: The Making of WandaVision' will arrive on Disney+ March 12.