Comedy series 'Community' is holding out for a movie, according to one of the show's producers Joe Russo.

Following the release of all six seasons of the American comedy show onto Netflix, Russo has teased that a 'Community' movie could be made if the streaming service was willing to foot the bill.

Both Joe and his brother Anthony, otherwise known as The Russo Brothers, worked on the series before being drafted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'. The comedy was created by Dan Harmon, who also co-created the now infamous 'Rick and Morty'.

Speaking with Collider on the subject, Joe Russo said he's definitely keen on making a 'Community' movie if everyone else is game. He said: "We'd certainly be willing to do it. We love our 'Community' family. That cast, we’re all still very close to all of them. It’d certainly be schedule-depending for us.

"But I believe there will be a 'Community' movie, especially now that it’s doing so well on streaming. Someone like Netflix could step up and make that movie."

With more of a cult following than other well-known TV series, Netflix now allows the Joel McHale and Chevy Chase show to be seen by a whole new audience who may have missed the series when it first came around. Only lasting five seasons originally, a final sixth season was given the go-ahead by Yahoo in 2015. Also starring the likes of Alison Brie, Ken Jeong and Donald Glover, it'll be interesting to see if the whole gang come back for one final hurray. According to Joe Russo, the ball is now in Netflix's court.