Netflix series 13 Reasons Why has introduced a number of new resources including a custom video and website ahead of its second season.

The show’s first season, which was a hit after being released in March 2017, earned praise for its realistic representation of young people, and for its raising awareness of issues such as suicide, sexual assault, substance abuse and bullying. However, it also came under criticism for "glorifying" suicide.

Ahead of its next season, the streaming service launched a global research study with Northwestern University’s Centre on Media and Human Development called 'Exploring How Teens and Parents Responded to 13 Reasons Why,' in order to better understand how to facilitate the concerns of teens and parents. The study interviewed more than 5,000 teens and parents in five countries.

Netflix released a statement regarding the results yesterday. The streaming service is now bringing a number of changes to the series that have been inspired by the study's recommendations. These include a custom introduction for each season (which can be seen below) and a season-two after show. The after show, Beyond the Reasons, will play after the 13th and final episode to continue the conversation with cast members, mental health professionals and producers as they discuss some of the show's challenging topics.

VP of original series at Netflix Brian Wright clarified to THR that the research was not conducted to affect the show's content. They believe the show is playing a role in critical conversations.

"The content of the show hasn't changed, but the research showed that people are craving more information and they are craving help," he said. "I've always felt this show had the ability to start a really important dialogue. I do think that's what we saw born out of season one and through the research — that it made people talk."

Production on season 2 has already wrapped but a premiere date has yet to be announced.