If you happened to watched 'Bone Tomahawk' or 'Brawl In Cell Block 99', you'll know that the man behind the violent imagery and snappy dialogue - S. Craig Zahler - doesn't doing anything in half measures.

Both movies were extremely violent, ridiculously gory, and definitely didn't come to a conclusion that you'd find in your typical movie. What's interesting, however, is that both of them seemed innately suited to something like a HBO or Netflix series where the kind of themes and flourishes are more commonplace.

In an interview with ScreenDaily, S. Craig Zahler confirmed that he's now working on just that - a limited television series that could live on HBO or Netflix. Zahler was pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing, except to say that it was a Western and that it would likely be a limited series, "but if you want to watch it all in one sitting, go for it."

Further down the interview, Zahler talked about streaming services and creative control, saying that he "would like to work with Netflix, they’re very upfront, they give you the money and give you creative control." Zahler went on, saying that he hoped to business with them soon, so it could very well be that this series is headed for Netflix.

Given how they're ramping up original content and picked up 'Green Room' director Jeremy Saulnier's next movie, 'Hold The Dark', for distribution, Netflix might just be a good fit for him.