Videogame adaptations, as well we all know, typically tend to be terrible.

In fact, 'Pokemon Detective Pikachu' holds the title of being the best videogame adaptation ever made - and even at that, it's fine, if a little safe. Anyway, apropos of nothing, 'The Division' is the latest videogame franchise to be circled for a live-action adaptation - with Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Chastain, and 'Deadpool 2' director David Leitch all involved.

Polygon reports that the movie, which was announced almost three years ago, has now been picked up by Netflix for their library and will likely skip theatrical release entirely. Details are light on story, but an official synopsis released by the streaming giant covers the major points.

"In the near future, a pandemic virus is spread via paper money on Black Friday, decimating the city of New York and killing millions. By Christmas, what’s left of society has descended into chaos. A group of civilians, trained to operate in catastrophic times, are activated in an attempt to save who and what remains," the synopsis reads.

Both games have been reasonably successful for developer Ubisoft, and this isn't their first time to mount a live-action adaptation of their library. Michael Fassbender was involved the ill-fated 'Assassin's Creed', and have been trying to get 'Splinter Cell' to the screen for years - even attaching Tom Hardy at one point.

Ubisoft currently has the rights to a number of games set in author Tom Clancy's shared universe, of which 'The Division' and 'Splinter Cell' are a part of. Of course, there's been plenty of Clancy's works turned into very competent movies, like 'The Hunt For Red October'. Not only that, 'The Division' does tap into a lot of very real scenarios and post-apocalyptic settings tend to work well in movies.

Who knows, maybe 'The Division' will buck the trend? No release date has been confirmed as of yet.