One of the best Netflix originals this year was undoubtedly 'Russian Doll' with Natasha Lyonne.

While the premise is somewhat lifted from 'Groundhog Day' - a young woman in New York dies and comes back to life again and again - there really wasn't much connecting the two beyond that. Well, maybe if you said Natasha Lyonne was Bill Murray's daughter, you'd probably believe it.

Anyway, the second season was announced yesterday by Lyonne at the Recoder Code Conference in Arizona, referencing her character's career as a coder. Lyonne promised in the announcement that the second season will be the "same show, just weirder", but failed to give any concrete details.

The way the show ended - you can read Fiona Flynn's review here - means that it could potentially pick up from where it left off, but really, the whole season seemed to work best as a kind of closed loop. Loops are a big thing in the series, as is the idea of being trapped in the same set of circumstances again and again, so how they can kick that on for another season remains to be seen.

Season 1 of 'Russian Doll' is currently on Netflix.