Mindhunter has been one of Netflix's most intriguing offers to date, mixing police procedural drama with disturbing psychological horror with a strong trio performance from Jonathan Groff, Anna Torv and Holt McCallany as the forefront of the FBI's profiling team.

The series won huge acclaim for its incredible visual sense, thanks in part to David Fincher and the directors he chose for the first season, but it looks creating something this high quality takes time - and it'll be another year before we see any more of it.

Per The Playlist, production on Mindhunter's second season is only set to begin at the end of this month with Netflix expecting the series to be delivered to audiences by early 2019. Not only that, the report also states that David Fincher is set to return as director for the opening and closing episode of the series, and has hired Andrew Dominik to direct two episodes of the series.

Dominik directed the excellent if under-watched The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford and the definitely underrated Killing Them Softly, which funnily both starred Brad Pitt in the lead role. The bulk of the season will be directed by Carl Franklin, who worked on HBO's The Leftovers, House Of Cards and directed Denzel Washington's early '90s noir thriller, Devil In A Blue Dress.

As previously reported, the second season will focus not on the BTK Killer - he was the security installer guy that featured in the opening scene of almost every episode in the series - but rather the Atlanta Child Murders of the late '70s and early '80s. The investigation was a major part of the book on which Mindhunter is based, and the case is still being discussed and investigated to this day.


Via The Playlist