When you’re gathered with all your relatives around the telly watching Netflix for the holiday season, chances are there’ll be young and old, kids, teens, grown-ups, mature and immature all mixed in together.

It can be hard to find a movie that’s not only appropriate for every age group but enjoyable for the whole clann as well.

Netflix offers a huge selection of films that meet just those requirements but it’s a total trek to trawl through them all, so we’ve narrowed them down to just over a dozen, making your lives easier and Christmases a little more conflict-free. You’re welcome!


'Back to the Future' trilogy

If you haven't introduced the kids in your life to these movies yet, what are you waiting for?



'La La Land'

A musical which has proven to be popular even among non-musical lovers.



'Daddy Day Care'

Admittedly, it's not Eddie Murphy's best, but's it's a touching, feel and funny movie and that's all we want.



'My Girl'

This touching coming-of-age film will be enjoyed by all the family. Just make sure you've tissues at the ready.



'The Shrek movies'

Aside from the 'Back to the Future' movies, the 'Shrek' movies provide another series you can binge on.




Now you've an excuse to not only embrace your inner child but to also introduce little ones to the wonder that was Robin Williams.



'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves'

For many, this is the best adaptation of Robin Hood. It's certainly one of the most fun.



'A Knight’s Tale'

This Heath Ledger starrer is full of action, adventure and a great soundtrack featuring the likes of David Bowie and Queen.



'The Road to El Dorado'

This isn't your average animated feature.



'Big Fish'

This Tim Burton flick is probably his last great feature. It tells the story of a son trying to distinguish the fact from the fiction of his dying father's life story.



'The Secret Life of Pets'

Pet owners and animal lovers young and old will love this one. The sequel hits cinemas next year.



The Goonies

As if we even need to sell this!