It's the 21st anniversary of Zig & Zag landing in Ireland (yes, I too feel old) and to celebrate they're showing us their very best bits from way back den ... Hosted by Zig and Zag them-very-selves, in colour, with sound, viewers will once again be amazed as the Zog brothers look back on their seven years with RTE. From that fateful day in September 1987, afternoon telly in Ireland would never be the same again. A generation of kids grew up watching the beige one and his purple spotty brother cause chaos and turn children's television on its head, never mind those students who used to bunk off lectures to see what anarchy was being created on the second station. Stuffed with classic daily Den antics with hosts Ian Dempsey and Ray D'Arcy, and their pals Dustin and Zuppy, this is one half hour you won't want to miss. RTE1's Bank Holiday goodness continues with The Bourne Supremacy, at 9.30pm, and Rory Gallagher: The Music Makers, at 11.25pm.