For the third festive period in succession, Craig Doyle returns to countdown the wealthiest people in Ireland. This time Craig turns his attention to the kids, or at least those who are thirty or younger. Who are these young movers and shakers that make more in a year than most of us will make in a lifetime? Are they all 'silver spooners' with rich daddies? What about the self made millionaires, and the Popstars, the footballers, lotto winners, web entrepreneurs? And how are they coping now that the economy has taken a nosedive? Young, Irish and Wealthy, compiled in association with The Sunday Times Rich List, is eclectic and full of surprises. Featuring John O'Keeffe, Matt Cooper, Brian Carey, Maree Morrissey, and Ciaran Hancock, alongside some people who will probably make your blood boil. Cecelia Ahern, anyone?