In July 2009, almost a million British voters chose the BNP in the EU elections. But it's not just traditional BNP voters swelling the ranks, with a recent UK survey finding one in 20 young people would vote BNP. Against this backdrop, Peter Beard follows 19-year-old Kieren, who is considering joining the party. Kieren is looking for a home in the BNP but is unsure that it represents his views. Having been a fervent nationalist from the age of 15, he is concerned that the BNP is losing its radical edge and selling out its racial policies. His choice is made more difficult by the fact he comes from a moderate family who find many of his far-right views shocking. There is concern that the opinions and choices he is making at a young age could have serious consequences for his future. This fascinating documentary offers an insight into a young person's attraction to a party whose policies and image continue to cause extreme controversy throughout the country.