We don't mind admitting that this is the ONLY show on TV that makes us guffaw with gusto at our screens. Thank the Lord for Charlie Brooker. True, it's a wee bit long-winded at 50 minutes (probably the only 50 minute show on Channel 4; therefore a testimony of its host's clout), but Brooker is a writer first and foremost, so verbosity comes with the territory.  We'll forgive him the frivolity of having the slowest quick fire round in TV history. This here fourth installment sees Brooker invite TV and radio presenter Richard Bacon, and stand-up comedians Frankie Boyle (um, wasn't he on last week?) and Josie Long to take part in the comedy quiz in which he offers his interpretation of the week's small-screen highlights. As always, it'll Include a look at some of the inspiring highs and embarrassing lows of international programming. There'll also be a fair amount of profanity and one scene aimed to make your stomach lurch into your throat.