Barbara Lee, a white witch for 30 years, is allowing cameras into her suburban home where she shares her experience of becoming a Wiccan. Barbara firmly believes that Wicca, which is about celebrating the earth, channelling positive energies and creating healing, has been hugely misrepresented in the media. With her father being a former Anglican preacher, her upbringing was strictly conventional, and her own two children were raised within the church of Ireland faith. But, at 17 years of age, Barbara felt that there was something missing from her religion. Today, she presides over a coven of witches that meet once a month to perform rituals and initiations. Barbara estimates that there are 150 witches from the Alexandrian tradition in Ireland with another 2,000 pagans, druids and shamen. Barbara also believes her Wicca faith helped her nurse her 16-year-old daughter, who died of cancer two years ago. Following at 11.45pm is John Martyn - Live in Dublin; a 1987 concert shown in tribute to the British singer-songwriter, who died in January.