The comedy panel show, with the worst stage set in history, returns for a new series with brand new host Rob Brydon (Angus Deayton must've been busy). The Gavin and Stacey star joins regular team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack for the third outing of the show all about truths and lies. In each episode, panelists (who tonight include Fern Britton, Stephen Mangan, Ken Livingstone and Reginald D Hunter) must read out statements about themselves from a card "they've never seen before", some of which are lies and some of which are true. It's up to the other team to cross-question, quiz, and scrutinise each claim with the aim of spotting what's true and what's not. In other rounds, a mystery guest is brought into the studio who has a close connection to one of the guests. Three players will claim it's them that has the connection, and it's up to the other team to spot who's actually telling the truth; and Rob Brydon introduces amazing archive footage linked to outrageous celebrity facts which may or may not be true.