At over eight feet tall, Sultan Kosen from Turkey is the world's tallest man. This Bodyshock special follows his journey around the world in search of a cure for his Gigantism: the life-threatening disease that causes him to grow even further beyond his record-breaking height. After being crowned the world's tallest man in September 2009, Sultan's title brought him the attention of the world, but he desires more than just fame and there's only one thing he wants: a true love. He meets a new best friend in George Bell, America's tallest man, and meets a girl for his first ever date. But as this film uncovers, his biggest challenges are still to come. For the first time, Sultan invites viewers into his new home in Ankara, and takes the film makers back to where it all began, before going on an inspirational journey across the world as he goes in search of urgent life-saving surgery.