The average Western European diet is making us fat and unhealthy, with nearly one in four people in the UK diagnosed clinically obese. In contrast, people in some other countries stay slimmer and live longer, healthier lives. So what’s their secret? n the new two-part factual series World’s Best Diet, presenter Jonathan Maitland and four "celebrities" - Linda Robson, Cheryl Baker, Darren Gough and Carole Malone (that's her in the picture) - set out on a journey to discover why these other cultures are bucking the obesity trend and how they compare to the UK. From raw fish in Japan to the low-carb diet in California; from vegetarian curry in India to the Mediterranean diet in Italy - each of the celebrities travel to a different nation, immersing themselves in the local cultural attitude towards healthy living and learning to cook their food. They are then challenged to maintain their regime when they return to the UK for a further five weeks. Keeping with asthetics - TV3 has it sewn up tonight with the saccharine onslaught of Style Me Famous (8.00pm), to Slim for Summer: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Losing Weight (10.00pm). Just remember, kiddies, it's not all about how you look.