If you think your family or friends are weird, or that you are for that matter, prepare to meet far more absurd groups and individuals. The series sees a group of unflinching, adventurous reporters present the cases of the strangest people, situations, and phenomena from all over the globe.

In this episode, we meet Joanna Rohrback, who is famous for her pioneering exercise craze 'Prancercise', which if you haven't seen yet, you need to get yourself to YouTube and look it up immediately.

Vicky Pattison investigates how people in Japan are finding intimacy without being in a relationship, via love pillows, cuddle cafes and the Rose Sheep agency, which helps women express emotion to handsome strangers.

As well as that, Michelle de Swarte heads to Texas to enter the original 'Anger Room', which is filled with smashable items - sounds like great craic.