There are more than a million cats living in London. Half of them are strays; many of them were once somebody's pet but now wander the streets. Mad Cats And Englishwomen follows two of the women trying to rescue these cats as cruelty, indifference and the recession meet head-on. Celia, former model and Sixties icon, has been rescuing cats for the past 40 years, and runs a clinic in East London to treat and neuter animals. Working 22 hours a day and sometimes going without sleep at all, Celia is now wondering whether she can ever get on top of the problem. Meanwhile, Pat, a former folk singer and hippie, is swimming against the same tide as Celia. She is particularly drawn to the elderly, sick and unwanted cats that she finds, to the extent that her house is now packed with them and her days are full just feeding and caring for them. But age is beginning to take its toll and her kindness threatens to tip her over the edge.