This new series sees Jodie Whittaker star as a mother whose delight at winning a recent high-profile promotion to Customer Advisor for High Net Worth at ZBG Banking turns to despair when she finds herself embroiled in a plot to defraud the company. A single mum to Erica, she's always short of cash but is currently enjoying life with best friend Anna (Charlie 'Janine Butcher' Brooks). Louise agrees to a night out at Anna's boyfriend's new bar Le Rouge, but definitely ends up with more than she bargained for after Phillip (Laurence 'Mr. Billie Piper' Fox) propositions her, offering her £10,000 if she will help him to de-fraud one of ZBG's largest clients. Louise refuses to get involved and makes her escape out a toilet window. But it's only a matter of time before her past comes back to blackmail her.