Ah, 8pm. You've just scoffed your dinner and are currently eyeing up the swiss roll. What better time to put on three diet-releated programmes! In addition to this featured show, let's not forget Operation Transformation (8.00pm RTE1) and The Biggest Loser (8.00pm. TV3). Yay... From the cabbage soup diet, originally prescribed for pre-surgery weight loss, to the Bovril diet, which involves replacing solid foods with cups of the hot broth, and the maple syrup diet, reportedly used by celebrities to get super-slim super fast, every extreme regime requires dedication. But what are the long-term effects on the human body when resorting to such drastic diet methods? How damaging are strict calorie-counted liquid diets? Diet doctor Anu Bhatia tells all by getting the public to confess to their extreme diets, demonstrating the potentially deadly effects on the human body and revealing which diets work and which ones don't.