Suzanne and (not the actor) Paul Newman are a busy family from suburban Essex. Both parents work, and their two daughters have a diary packed full of activities and after-school classes. Wioletta and Tony Butler live in Middlesex with their three children, and as a self-confessed traditional wife, Wioletta is the one who is constantly busy in her family. The two women have agreed to swap families for two weeks to see what they can learn about each other's lives, and their own. Polish mum Wioletta lives life under the thumb, and from the moment her husband Tony wakes up, she is on call. Her day starts with his breakfast order, which she receives across the house intercom. But breakfast is just one of many duties Tony expects his wife to perform. Elsewhere, Paul and Suzanne are a united front when it comes to discipline and chores. While Wioletta is immediately taken aback by Suzanne's jam-packed diary, Suzanne is stunned by Tony's daily breakfast demands. Can you see where this is going?