This week, a driven perfectionist swaps her life with a woman who adores life in the slow lane. Hairdresser Kerry Murphy lives at 110 mph and demands perfection in every aspect of her life: her five-bed Rotherham home, her work and her appearance. Married to building contractor, Tim, she believes you can achieve anything - if you work for it. On the other hand, Kelly Moyston is a self-confessed lazy mum. Wedded to her pillow, she and 18-month-old Georgina are rarely up before lunchtime and fiancé Steve is expected to do all the chores and the cooking, after his 12-hour shifts on the buses in Bristol. Muppet. Following at 10.00pm is the second installment of Alan Carr: Chatty Man. Tonight, he's joined by Samuel L Jackson, who discusses his life and career and socialite Ivana Trump, who talks about her extraordinary life. Singer-songwriter Katy Perry also drops in for a chat and to perform her latest single Waking Up in Vegas.