'Don't be frightened, don't be overawed - enjoy the ecstasy, the intensity and the pure depraved pleasure of great poetry... Remember, it's there to excite you!' Griff Rhys Jones launches the BBC's Poetry Season on BBC Two with a personal, passionate and illuminating celebration of the power of verse *flourishes frilly arms... kicks opium paraphernalia under fainting couch*. This one-off documentary explores poetry in all its diverse forms - what it means to Griff himself, how integral it is to life and why we all need it. No, really, we do. Embracing an eclectic range of poetry from Philip Larkin to Ben Jonson, and from William Shakespeare to Robert Frost, Griff sets out to demonstrate how verse infiltrates our lives - from our most intimate emotions to performance in public spaces, from daily media to the heart of religion and from the school room to the political arena. He'll receive a masterclass from National Theatre director Nicholas Hytner on the power of Shakespeare's verse and dissects a Keats poem with poet Simon Armitage in the 18th-century operating theatre in London, where Keats was a trainee surgeon. Griff also immerses himself in the "bardic bear pit" that is a contemporary poetry "slam" and visits poetry doctor Laura Barber for a poetic diagnosis and possible cure for his notorious anger.