As one of the world's most famous quiz shows came to an end over in the UK last week, its host Chris Tarrant looks back at all the magical moments that made 'Who Want's to Be a Millionaire?' the show we knew and loved. In his 15 years in the hot seat, Chris pretty much met every sort going - from the ones who would have to bow out with nothing before a £1000, to the ones who went all the way to the top. He looks back on the show's first winner Judith Keppel, as well as the infamous incident of the 'Coughing Major'. This involved contestant Charles Ingram pretty much becoming a million dollar chancer, as he deceived us all by cheating his way to the top prize. The show quickly copped on to his game plan though, and he was convicted for deception back in 2008. All probably worked out as some very expensive coughing in the end for Charlie.