Noticed any bees recently? Neither have we. While we're all worrying about the economic debacle, a bigger threat to humanity is currently in the works. Bees are dying in their millions. It is an ecological crisis that threatens to bring global agriculture to a standstill. Introduced by Martha Kearney, and previously aired on BBC4, this documentary explores the reasons behind the decline of bee colonies across the globe, investigating what might be at the root of this devastation. Investigating the problem from a global perspective, the programme makers travel from the farm belt of California to the flatlands of East Anglia to the outback of Australia. They talk to the beekeepers whose livelihoods are threatened by colony collapse disorder, the Australian beekeepers who are making a fortune replacing the planet's dying bees, and the scientists entrusted with solving the problem. The programme explores the effect the extinction of the insect and the loss of pollination would have on nature and the world's food supply.