Who wants to know where Boris Johnson came from?! I certainly do after seeing him guest host Have I Got News For You recently. He's a funny guy... and for those who think his hair's a bit unruly, you should see pictures of him from his youth - he had quite the mane as a child. Boris compares himself to a jar of honey found on supermarket shelves; the product of many countries. He thinks he is part Jewish, part French, part English, part American, part pterodactyl and, rather unpredictably, part Turkish.  He sets out to find out more about his roots in Turkey, and the experiences of his great-grandfather, whose vocations were similar to his own. He encounters the ongoing effects of the political climate of his great-grandfather's era in contemporary Turkey, and discovers personal details about his life and death. Returning to Western Europe, Boris sets off in search of the truth about Granny Butters background, and follows an intriguing family trail that leads him to a surprising conclusion