If you told me two weeks ago that I'd be glued to Esther Rantzen's bared teeth, when told her great-great-grandfather shot someone (in addition to committing fraud and absconding to America), I would've promptly told you where to go. But glued I was, so one can only assume Ainsley Harriott's past will be just as riveting... The Ready, Steady, Cook host visits the Caribbean to trace his ancestry and makes a surprising discovery about his great-great-grandfather, who wasn't a slave as he had always thought. Ainsley thought his grandfather's ancestry was straightforward. He knows his great-grandfather was in the colonial West India Regiment, and assumed that before him his relatives were slaves. Heading to Barbados, he learns that his great-grandfather had a distinguished career in the army, fighting for the British Empire in the Sierra Leone hut tax war, but apart from this nothing else is as he thought. How, in the time of slavery, did one of his ancestors, an unmarried free black woman, accumulate enough money to buy seven houses?