RTE have abandoned the famine theme and just gone headlong into being the BBC programme, title 'n all. Presumably they bought the rights. Anyhoo, in case you've not seen the BBC version - celebrities research their family trees. And it's not nearly as boring as it sounds; in fact it's quite the opposite. The first celebrity in question is Charlie Bird. His ancestry is a blank page, and every revelation is a genuine surprise. His only starting-point is a grandfather from Bermuda who brought electricity to Macroom... but why did he change his name? From Cork to The West Indies, from Portsmouth to The Battle of The Nile, from the unerring love of the sea to the illicit love of a brother's wife, Charlie pieces together six generations of his family tree from scratch, and ends up back where he began, but very much the wiser. Other celebs who'll be getting to know themselves just that little bit better this series include Pamela Flood and Linda Martin.